Enkele bedenkingen van Oude Meesters,
over de studie van Astrologie,
en de gepaste houding van de Student...

"Life is short, Art long, Experience not easily obtained,
judgment difficult, and therefore it is necessary
that a student not only exercise himself
in considering several figures, but also that he dilligently
read the writings of others who have treated rationally this science,
and make it his business to find out
the true natural causes of things by experiments,
to know the certain places and processions of the planets and fixed stars,
constellations, etc., but above all:
to be a passionate lover of truth."

Jerome Cardanus, ItaliŽ, 16de eeuw.

"The object of your quest is God: you are seeking to scale the skies and,
though born beneath the rule of fate, to gain knowledge of that fate;
you are seeking to pass beyond your understanding
and make yourself master of the universe.
The toil involved matches the reward to be won,
nor are such high attainments secured without a price;
so wonder not at the winding route and the intricacy of things.
It is enough that we have been given the power to make the search:
let the rest be left to us. Unless you mine mountains, gold will elude your grasp,
and the earth that is heaped above will bar access to the wealth it hides.
Men will traverse the entire globe to make jewels available,
and will not shrink from occupying the sea to gain the precious pearl.
Each year the anxious farmer will utter every prayer he knows,
and yet how small is the yield of the treacherous countryside!
We shall face the perils of the sea-winds in our search for gain
and follow the god of war in hope of booty.
Ah, shame on those willing to pay so high a price for perishable goods!
Luxury too entails a kind of military service:
the glutton keeps sleepless watch over that which proves his ruin,
and profligates oft pant for their own undoing.
What then shall we give for heaven?
What is the worth of that, with which we may purchase all?
Man must expend his very self before God can dwell in him.

Manilius, in "Astronomica", 1ste eeuw.

Of, in simpele termen: het geheim om een goede, competente astroloog te worden,
is werken, hard werken.